Our comprehensive approach to the business finds expression in the services we render.

Promotional and Corporate gifts go a long way towards strengthening relations both within a company and with existing and prospective clients. They can improve morale in a team by providing stylish rewards, and help to motivate employees by offering a much sought after corporate incentive. When used as promotional products they can be a wonderful way to reward existing clients and attract new business.

  1. Sales & Supply: At Greenswealth Corporate Services Limited, we specialize in the sales of promotional and corporate executive gifts, offering high quality products. Our range includes a wide selection of gift items, making us one of the best suppliers of executive corporate gifts in Nigeria. Whether you want promotional gifts for an event, as incentives for staff or bespoke awards or you just want a keepsake as a thank you for your clients, with a decade of experience, Greenswealth Corporate Services Limited has the right tools to meet customers’ needs.
  2. Corporate Solutions: We provide corporate solutions necessary for outstanding business success. Because we know how important finding the right executive corporate gift for your client is to your business, we bring to your fingertips, experienced specialists for guaranteed satisfaction.
  3. Consultancy: With our understanding of brands and phases of brand evolution, we offer professional advice on choice of promotional items and channels of deployment.
  4. Global Reach: We source items locally and internationally.
  5. Bespoke Products: All of our corporate gifts can be customized to your specifications. We know how important brand awareness is to your company, so our experienced team will ensure that your products meet brand guidelines. Whatever your choice, your corporate gift will be personalized to your specific requirements.
  6. Special Service: You can order your items by calling our sales team to have your request answered in person. They will be able to advise you on every aspect of your order and will help you to achieve the perfect corporate gift for your requirements.
  7. Specialty Products: If after our presentation, you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you need not worry, just give us a few days and we’ll attempt to source the corporate or promotional gift you desire.
  8. Quality and Speed: We recognize the importance of quality and speed when ordering your corporate gift. To ensure quality, all our products are branded with your name and logo by our team of experienced branding experts to increase your reputation and raise awareness of your business.
  9. Stock Holding: We also endeavor to hold stock in our warehouse where you can just walk in and pick items of your choice in order to rapidly reduce lead time.